What to expect when you become an Egg Donor

To make a decision to participate in our egg donor program is the ultimate gift that one can give
to help an infertile couple, who otherwise could not have a child. Egg donation is done
anonymously, you will not meet the couple, and they will not meet you.
After a couple chooses you to be an egg donor, it will involve learning how to give yourself
injections subcutaneous (with a small needle under ½ inch in length). We will teach you how to
give these injections and make sure that you feel comfortable. The injections are usually given
daily over a 10 day time period before eggs are retrieved. You will need to be committed to
coming in for ultrasound and blood work during that time period. Egg donation does not impair
your fertility in the future. ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) has confirmed, that it
is safe for a donor to donate up to 6 times.
When your eggs are retrieved for that cycle, it is done in our AAASF certified surgical facility. You
will be under IV sedation administered by our Board Certified Anesthesiologist Group. There is
no incision made for the procedure, it is done vaginally. The procedure itself takes about ½ hour.
You will then be in recovery for an hour approximately, before being released.
The procedure is not painful, you may experience some menstrual cramps after the procedure.
We will give you medication for the cramping to take home with you if needed. You will need
someone to drive you home the day of the retrieval, due to the effects of anesthesia for 24 hours.
The first step to becoming an egg donor, is to fill out the application on our website. We will then
contact you to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Ary. We do offer a generous compensation
for your services of $6000.00 per donation cycle.
The most generous personal and financial reward.
Up to $10,000 compensation

Intelligent, talented women 19 to 29 years old sought as egg donors for infertile
couples. You may remain anonymous and not meet the couple you help.

Dr. Ary has been assisting couples and egg donors for over 13 years. You will meet
directly with Dr. Ary to discuss the egg donation procedure.

The ovum donation process begins with the submittal of an application. An application
can be requested by filling out the on-line application and submitting below. We hold a
high health standard for our applicants. If you have
any questions, you may call our toll free phone line at 1-800-414-7299.
Please complete the form below, and a member of our staff will contact you as soon as
we have reviewed your application.  
Please send a photo of yourself to the address below. You can include a copy of your
application if you would like.  The preferable size is 8x10,  but a standard  size photo of  
4x5 will also be acceptable. Please be aware that we are unable to return your photo.
Please do not complete the application if any of the following apply to you:

You are a smoker.
You use illegal or prescribed medications (other than birth control).
You are over 29 years of age.
You have been exposed to Hepatitis.
You have been turned down for blood donation.
Your schedule is not flexible enough to accommodate 5-7 doctor appointments within a
two- week period.
There is a history of genetic diseases or mental illness in your family.
You are using Norplant or Depo Provera for birth control and do not wish to discontinue.

Return to us the online application & photos, so we may evaluate your candidacy.
Special need for Asian and Jewish women.
Please complete the application on the next page by clicking the "Begin Application"
link, and a member of our staff will contact you as soon as we have reviewed your
application. Also, please email a photo or photos along
with the donor application to drary@pacbell.net . We would like a head shot, a full body
shot and possibly a childhood photo. We will return the original photos, if you need to
send them through the regular mail. Please direct your email inquiries to
drary@pacbell.net or if you call the office ask to speak to Karen Lopez.
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Have you ever been pregnant?
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What is your current marital status?
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Do you smoke?
How much alcohol do you drink?
Do you or have you had any
medical problems?
Any history of mental illness in
your family?
Blood type and RH?
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Method of birth control?
Any allergies to medications?
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A Donor's  Success Story

I have been an egg donor in Dr. Ary’s program several times now.  When I made
the decision to be a donor, I contacted all of the programs and agencies in the
LA area, but I didn’t like the way that I was treated or the way that they viewed the
process; it made me question if being an egg donor was really right for me. They
seemed mostly concerned with making money and, being from a big family
myself, I just didn’t think that was the best way for starting a life. Most of them
also weren’t doctors themselves, just agencies,  and would send the donors to
outside doctors for the procedures. Then I found Dr. Ary’s office.  She was so
warm, welcoming, and personable and as I got to know everyone in her office, I
could see those same traits in everyone at the office. She also was there with me
from the first interviews until the post surgery checkout. She is such a great
doctor that she gives all of her patients a direct emergency number. Everyone at
the office has become very dear friends of mine, and I know all of their other past
donors must feel the same. They are the most caring and loving staff and have
helped me so much through every donation.